Chomp and the Temple of Puzzles is a great collection of puzzles to challenge your word and thinking skills. (Mathematics - Logical thinking, Problem Solving; Language Arts -Word Recognition)
Design a Habitat is a great simulation game where you try to design the best habitat for the black-footed ferret. (Science - Animal Life Cycles)
Also try Build a Fish
Link-O-Vision is an excellent challenge for matching animal characteristics to animals which share similarities. (Science - Animal Life Cycles)
4Sorting Machine
The Interactive Sorting Machine challenges you to sort a group of animals by the characteristics they have in common. (Science - Animal Life Cycles)

Also try Bone Blaster and Identification Keys

5Wizards and Pigs
Wizards and Pigs challenges you to help the wizard find the dragon by identifying different kinds of poetry as you explore. A wacky and fun game. (Language Arts - Poetry Types)
6Estimations Golf
Estimation Valley Golf is a great challenge to your mental math skills. How quickly can you find the answer to a two or three digit addition or subtraction question. How close you are determines how good your shot will be. Try a round! (Mathematics - Operations, Mental Math)
Punctuation Paintball is a wonderful game which mixes proofreading with firing paintballs to fix errors in sentences. (Language Arts - Proofreading)
Vocabulary PinballClick on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. (Language Arts - Spelling, Vocabulary)
9Card Shark
Card Shark is a great game involving subtraction combinations. (Math - Subtraction with Regrouping)
Try also: Draggable Addition Drag numbers on the board to solve math addition problems. (Math - Addition with Regrouping)
10Word Frog
Word Frog is a fast-moving game where players match synonyms, antonyms and homonyms.
Try also: Help Squanky find words that mean the same or almost the same to finish his work. (Language Arts - Vocabulary)
The Quest Save the King of Radopolis by finding clues to help meet challenges as you go (Mathematics - Problem Solving ; Language Arts - Reading Comprehension)
12Tony's Pizza
Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop is a great way to understand fractions by creating pizzas with different toppings (Mathematics - Fractions)

Try Clara's Pizza for a more difficult challenge with mixed fractions

13Word Well
Word Invasion is a word game where you match a word to its kind. (Language Arts - Parts of Speech, Vocabulary) Tic Tac Toe Games

Tackle Math Football is a simulated football game where your ability to answer math questions improves your position on the field. (Mathematics - Operations)

15Addition Tunnel
Addition Tunnel Blaster Solve the addition sentence on the upper right and left part of the game. After creating a hole in the wall fly your ship through the hole that you created. (Mathematics - Operations)
16Word Mine
Alien Word Mine Is a parts of speech game where players try to identify the kinds of words being used. (Language Arts - Parts of Speech)
17Arithmetic Workshop
Early Math Workshop An excellent environment for exploring place value and number operations. (Mathematics - Place Value and Operations)
Multiflyer is a multiplication practice games with many bells and whistles. Also see the downloadable Timez Attack (Mathematics - Operations, Multiplication)
19Mad Money
Mad Money challenges you to make smart choices to save money for a purchase goal. (Health - Making Decisions)
Boggle in the online version of the scrambled letter game where you try to make as many words as possible from the letters. (Language Arts - Spelling)
21Dog Breeding
Dog Breeding is a game which challenges players to breed certain traits in the puppy born to pairs of parents. (Science - Animal Life Cycles)
Save the Math Apples Help the monkey save the apples! Click on the basket with the number to give the answer. Keep clicking the basket to add numbers to your answer. (Mathematics - Operations)
23Fearless Frieda

Fearless Frieda will help you improve your spelling with her dazzling skateboard tricks. (Language Arts - Spelling)

See also Fearless Frieda and the Big Kahuna

24Counting Game
Counting Game helps you learn to count by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 as a lead up to multiplication. (Mathematics - Operations)
25Spelling Match
Spelling Match Try your hand at matching parts of common words in this underwater adventure game called Spelling Match. (Language Arts - Spelling)
26Point Out the View
Point Out the View is a 3D puzzle which has to be solved from the points of view of different characters . (Mathematics - Geometry )
27Shuttle Launch
Shuttle Launch is a math facts practice game for all four operations and different levels. (Mathematics - Operations)
Squanky the Toothtaker is a wacky game of finding opposite words. (Language Arts - Vocabulary)
29Money Master
Money Master is a money counting game where you try to get the amount of money shown. (Math - Counting Money)
30Math Blox
Math Blox is a Tetris type of game where you find numbers that you can add/subtract/multiply/etc. to arrive at a given number in order to remove blox. (Math - Operations)
31Sweet 16 Madness
Sweet 16 Madness is a basketball shooting game to practice spelling words (Language Arts - Spelling and Vocabulary)
32Buffalo Math
Buffalo Math tests your math skills and your aim as you try to hunt the buffalo with the equation that matches the given answer. (Mathematics - Operations)
Advanced Alphabetizing Control Professor Smarts as he drives into words in alphabetical order. (Language Arts - Alphabetical Order)
34Stop the Clock
Stop the Clock is a challenging game of telling time (Mathematics - Telling Time)
35Add Like Mad
Add Like Mad Make numbers by adding smaller numbers together. Try to use all the numbers before time runs out. Great adding practice. (Mathematics - Operations)
36Bedtime Bandits
Bedtime Bandits Stop the invading clocks by shining a light on the correct time (Mathematics - Telling Time)
37Monkey Business
In Monkey Business, the idea is to create sentences from phrases to build bridges across the jungle. (Language Arts - Sentence Structure)
38Animal Universe
Animal Universe is a matching game where you find animals that fit into particular habitats. (Science - Animal Life Cycles)

See also Sorting Organisms

39Stop That Creature
Stop that Creature by finding the counting pattern (Mathematics - Counting Patterns)
40WeeBit World

Weebit World is a simulation game where players are challenged to keep the Weebit population healthy by providing food and water. (Science - Animal Life Cycles)

See also Interactive Food Chain

41Balloon Ride
Ballon Ride is a problem solving game where players try to end up with the last rope holding the balloon tethered (Mathematics - Problem Solving)
42Earthquake Engineer
Engineering for Earthquakes is a bridge building sim game that allows you to try to strengthen different bridge designs against the forces of an earthquake. (Science - Testing Materials and Designs)
43Everglades Spelling
Everglades Spelling challenges you to find the missing letter in a phrase or sentence to stay ahead of the pack of everglades animals (Language Arts - Spelling and Reading in context)
44Bedtime Bandits

Conquer the Continents lets you locate the continents on the map of the world. A variety of geography games to help you learn more about where countries are in the world. Remember to find Peru, India, Ukraine and Tunisia.

Also try the Interactive World Nations Map.

45Send in the Trolls
Send in the Trolls Find the middle sized troll, then order the rest in different ways (Mathematics - Estimation)
46Words a Plenty
Words - A - Plenty is a challenging scrambled word game. Find as many of the words from the scrambled letter list to earn points. (Language Arts - Spelling)
47Text Twist
Make words from a list of letters by changing the order to find words. Text Twist is a great vocabulary and spelling practice game. (Language Arts - Spelling and Vocabulary)
48Bedtime Bandits
Glowla's Estimation Contraption

is a challenging game of using estimation skills to find answers to problems. (Math - Estimation)

49Make a Match

Try to match fractions that show the same amount using Melvin's Make a Match (Math - Fractions)

50Look Cover Spell
Look, Cover, Write and Check is a spelling practice activity which uses the four step process for learning the spelling of words. (Language Arts - Spelling)
51Everglades Spelling
Word Builder is a phonics skill building game to help students with the sounds of letter combinations in English. (Language Arts - Spelling and Phonics)
52World Geography
World Geography has a variety of mapping and geography activities to expand your world view.
Timeworks lets you learn how a clock works.
(Math - Telling Time)
54Bike Route
Bike Route is a mapping problem solving game where players try to find the best route to different locations.
(Math - Geometry;
55Word Scramble
Word Scramble is a word unscramble game. (Language Arts - Spelling
56Subtraction Action
Subtraction Action Try to use as many numbers as possible off the number chart to subtract a given number down to zero.
(Math - Operations)
57Bugs in the System
Bugs in the System lets you learn build bar graphs using the bugs you find in the system.
(Math - Graphing)
58Power Proofreading
Power Proofreading is a game to practice proofreading skills - the proper use of punctuation and capital letters. (Language Arts - Proofreading and Grammar)
59Cyberchase Airlines
Cyberchase Airlines Build airplanes of different perimeters and areas to meet the specifications.
(Math - Geometry)


60Sentence Sort
Sentence Sort is a game which challenges your understanding of the different forms of sentences. (Language Arts - Grammar)
61Supermarket Spree
Supermarket Spree See if you can find the items on the shopping list, and then drag-and-drop the picture of each item into the shopping cart in this shopping spree of groceries. (Language Arts - Vocabulary Development)
62Pattern Quest
Pattern Quest is a Mastermind type of game where you have to find the pattern using given clues. (Math - Patterns)
63Hacker's Machine
Hacker's Machine let's you try to make the largest three digit number from a set of digits. (Math - Comparing Numbers )
Rats is a game of identifying different parts of speech. (Language Arts - Grammar)
65Pattern Player
Pattern Player is a sound pattern machine that allows you to make patterns with different sounds. (Math - Patterns)
Pix Roundup challenges you to roundup all the little pix articles into the green corral by adding blocks to the maze. (Math - Patterns and Relations)
67Wacky Web Tales
Create funny stories by adding words of your own which fit the part of speech. (Language Arts - Reading and Grammar)
683D Maze
3D Maze Use the up, down, left right arrows, to move the green line through the square maze. (Math - Patterns and Relations)
69Pop Star
See if you have what it takes to be a manager and promoter of a new rock star (Health - Media Awareness and Careers)
70Sentence Clubhouse
Sentence Clubhouse is a proofreading activity which challenges you to correct the errors in different types of sentences. (Language Arts - Proofreading)
71Got to Be Kidding
You've Got to Be Kidding is a game of making good decisions by choosing the best option. (Health - Decision Making)
72Tower of Hanoi
Tower of Hanoi Move all 3 discs to the opposite peg. You can only stack disks on top of larger disks. Think ahead! (Math - Problem Solving)

Create a scene for your story then answer some questions to add the ideas. Storymaker does the rest. (Language Arts - Composition)

Also: Carnegie Library Storymaker

74Animal Classes
Animal Classes is a matching game which challenges you to match the animal with the group it belongs to - its class. (Science - Animal Life Cycles)
75Sentence Puzzles
Sentence Puzzles Select words which best complete the sentences. (Language Arts - grammar and vocabulary)
76Spacey Math
SpaceyMath is a math facts practice page with a Space arcade theme. (Math - Basic Facts)
77Effective Detective
Effective Detective lets you practice your detective skills to identify who is being described. (Language Arts - descriptive words)
78Railroad Repair
Railroad Repair uses decimal fractions to repair the track in front of a train. You need to combine segments to make a larger part to fit the missing section. (Math - Decimal Fractions)
79HB Spelling
HB Spelling is a wonderful collection of vocabulary building and spelling practice games. (Language Arts - Reading and Spelling)
80Alien Scavenger Hunt
Alien Scavenger Hunt is a great game for beginning spelling and identifying the sounds of words. (Language Arts - Reading and Spelling)

See also Space Trash for a similar game with a twist.

81Speed Math
Speed Math Improve your math skills with all the operations. Select which numbers your want to improve on. (Math - Operations, Basic Facts)
82Grammar Blast
In Grammar Blast players try to find the elements missing from sentences. (Language Arts - Grammar)
Clockworks Improve your reading time skills with the game of clockworks. (Math - Telling Time)
84Poddle Weigh In
Poddle Weigh-In Find the weight of ten Poddles by experimenting with the balance scale. (Math - Measurement)
85Rocket Word Tag
Rocket Word Tag Is a parts of speech game where players try to identify words being used inside of sentences. (Language Arts - Parts of Speech)
86Alphabet Whack a Mole

Alphabet Whack-A-Mole Move the hammer around using the mouse to Whack the Moles. Be sure to hit them in alphabetical order. They will be holding up a sign to show which letter. (Language Arts - Alphabetical Order)

Click here for other alphabet games

87Metric Gum Parlour
Matthew's Metric Gum Parlor lets you use your measurement skills to dispense just the right amound of gum. (Math - Measurement)
88Magic Cup
Magic Cup Game Follow the cup that contains the ball. Select a speed and click on start to go. (Memory)
89Ad Detective
Be an Ad Detective Find examples of advertising in different situations. Be aware of how companies use advertising to persuade you to buy their stuff. (Health / Language Arts - Media Awareness)
90Animal Game
Animal Homes is a game which challenges students to match an animal with its natural habitat. (Science - Animal Life Cycles)
91Name the Continents
Name the Continents! Click and drag continent name to the correct place on the map!
Click here to play Find the Continent
Play other geography games here
92Food Groups
Food Groups challenges you to match foods with the group it belongs to. (Health -Nutrition)
93Quiz Hub
Homophones is a sentence completion game where students have to identify which word from a list of homonyms best completes the sentence. (Language Arts - Vocabulary and Spelling)
94Musical Turtle
Musical Memory Turtle Watch and listen to the lights and colors that the turtle plays. (Memory)
95Typing Games
Typing Games includes a variety of beginner keyboarding games to practice basic keyboarding skills. (Keyboarding)
96Build a Flag
Design a Flag to suit your personal identity and favourite activities.
Reversi or Othello is a classic board game which is simple in concept, but challenging to play. (Math - Problem Solving)
Attack of the Spellerz includes a number of phonics amd reading activities. (Language Arts - Spelling)
99Math Fries
Math Fries is a Pac-Man type of game where you try to quickly gobble up fries to finish the levels (Mathematics - Operations, Mental Math)
100Animal Games
Animal Games feature a variety of games which challenge student knowledge of animals and natural habitats. (Science - Animal Life Cycles)